The start of TraindriverMart on YouTube

Showing the Netherlands to the world from my cab, that’s what I wanted to do. So, that’s what I did! I started in my self-employed days for Arriva by placing my GoPro right in front of the windscreen to record my rides through the rolling hills. This worked out well, because in short order the channel grew fairly quickly. Of course, there was little time for many cab rides, so I hope to continue this hobby once I drive independently at NS.

Shunting Minigame

“A train driver, that’s just accelerating and braking, isn’t it?”. Based on this comment, I was eager to record a shunting minigame across the Heerlen yard. After posting all the shots one after the other, I thought it might be more fun to test the knowledge of my followers! The shunting minigame was born.

I started recording the questions, the answers, the explanations and cut everything to make it a real minigame! Have you played it yet?

This game is currently in Dutch language only.

In 5 minutes..

As I understand that some rides are quite long to watch, I have sped them up to a short duration of 5 minutes! That way, you’ve seen a whole ride through the hill country in just 5 minutes. So, do you have 5 minutes left before you leave, or do you have 5 minutes left before bedtime? Then feel free to watch the “in 5 minutes…” videos!