About me

Who am I?

I’m Mart, a 21-year-old boy from the southern Limburg town of Heerlen. I was born on 01-07-2001 and noticed at a young age that I found trains an interesting mode of transport. It’s big, it goes fast and it’s easy travel. I soon figured out that I wanted to become a train driver. A boyhood dream that came true when I was finally able to fulfil that wish myself by taking the course.

Now, more than 21 years on, I am a train driver and love to share my passion via Instagram, Twitter and with loved ones via Facebook. Anything to encourage even more people to become a train driver. After all, it is a beautiful profession with enormous freedom.

Things I do.

In my daily life, I drive trains full-time for Dutch Railways (formerly with Arriva Limburg). I get to the most beautiful places with my job, from Heerlen to Amsterdam and from Zwolle to The Hague. Every day is different and never for a second is the same. Nothing is as changeable as the railways.

Want to know which routes I get to drive? Then check out the routes page!

The past

Because I wanted to fulfil my dream of becoming a machinist, I decided after secondary school (VMBO-TL/Mavo) to do a course that connected to a machinist training. This was because I was too young to participate in MBO training.
As mentioned earlier, I started my career as a train driver at Arriva Limburg. This is also where I completed my driver training. This has now been completed and I am a fully licensed train driver.


Soon after passing my practical exam at Arriva, I chose to switch to NS. I am now undergoing NSR+ training there (31-10-2020), where I am learning NS regulations, equipment and the required track sections. I am expected to run my first independent shifts on the yellow-blue and white-blue trains in spring 2021. Of course, this can be followed on my Instagram.


By now, everything has been completed, I have all the routes I need to work in the Heerlen roster and I am qualified on every possible type of train. On 13-05-2021, I had my examination/practice ride, having completed it with a positive result I was finally allowed to go out on the road on my own after a lot of hard work!

Little TraindriverMart

Since I wanted to give sharing my services via Instagram a more fun & appealing style, the idea arose to have a cartoon version of “MachinistMart” created. Previously wearing the Arriva jacket, nowadays the yellow softshell jacket of the Dutch Railways. From this logo, my work can be recognised on YouTube, Instagram and various other platforms like Twitter. The cartoon was created by a freelancer commissioned by me in the style of Rick & Morty in 2020.

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